The Issues


As a candidate for Michigan State Representative, Kevin Keys III holds a steadfast commitment

to ensuring that every child in District 5 has access to a quality education. His personal journey

from Oak Park School District to his academic achievements exemplifies his belief in the power

of education to transform lives. Kevin believes in investing in our schools, supporting teachers,

and providing resources to foster an environment where every student can thrive, regardless of

their background.

Mass Incarceration

Kevin Keys III is dedicated to addressing the deeply rooted issues within our criminal justice

system. Guided by democratic values of justice and equality, he recognizes the need to reform

policies that perpetuate mass incarceration. Kevin advocates for rehabilitative approaches,

focusing on education, job training, and community support to reduce recidivism and promote a

fair and equitable justice system for all residents of District 5.

Youth Involvement

Kevin Keys III recognizes that the voices and perspectives of young people are crucial for

shaping our community's future. Committed to democratic values, Kevin's co-founding of Young

People 4 Change and his involvement in youth groups highlight his dedication to empowering

the next generation. He understands that by engaging youth in the decision-making process, we

ensure a more inclusive and representative government that addresses the needs and concerns

of all residents.

Inflation Control

In line with democratic values of economic fairness, Kevin Keys III acknowledges the impact of

inflation on working families and individuals. He's committed to implementing policies that

promote responsible economic management and help mitigate the effects of rising costs. By

championing initiatives that ensure fair wages, affordable housing, and accessible healthcare,

Kevin aims to create an environment where economic stability is within reach for all members of

District 5.

Government Assistance

Kevin Keys III's candidacy is rooted in the principles of social equality and compassion. He

understands that the government has a role to play in providing a safety net for those who need

it most. Kevin supports a strong social safety net that offers assistance to vulnerable

populations, including affordable healthcare, food security programs, and support for those

facing financial hardship. His commitment to democratic values ensures that no one is left


Abortion (Pro-Choice)

Championing individual rights and autonomy, Kevin Keys III stands firmly in support of a

woman's right to make decisions about her own body. His pro-choice stance aligns with

democratic values that uphold personal freedoms and reject undue government interference in

private matters. Kevin believes that reproductive health care decisions should be made by

women in consultation with their healthcare providers, free from unnecessary restrictions.